IoT for Transportation

Top Applications for IoT in Transportation

  1. Gain access to information you can act on.  Most fleets are not designed to connect to the internet, but those trucks are easily modified so you can collect data.  Trucks can now tell you when their tires are too low, when their cargo is too hot or too cold, and when the truck needs repair.
  2. Save money.  You can gain efficiencies by lowering fuel cost, reduce downtime for maintenance and streamline delivery routes by using the data delivered to you from your fleet.  Lower costs and respond faster to issues.
  3. Improve the customer experience.  If your fleet is able to improve delivery time or if you can predict with accuracy when it will be there, customer satisfaction goes way up.  IoT solutions make this possible with vehicle tracking and streamlined routing.
  4. Decrease theft or unauthorized use.   IoT offers security systems to prevent tampering with vehicles.  It collects data from cameras, sensors, offers facial recognition to authenticate drivers and locates the vehicle to make sure it is on the route that you expect.