Transportation Insight

Delivering Goods Faster And Efficiently With The Internet Of Things

In Digitalist Magazine, Derek Mags focuses on the way that IoT is transforming how goods are delivered. He not only focuses on the obvious, the trucking industry, but also shares how IoT is helping deliver goods that are brought in by sea to our ports.

From the article, "Like those in many other industries, companies in the transportation industry are looking to the Internet of Things (IoT) to help them drive down costs, improve operational efficiencies, and increase what are now thin margins.

Already around the globe, the IoT is connecting drivers and operators, machines, cargo, and services in intelligent ways that are changing how companies manage their businesses.

For instance, transportation companies are using the IoT to gain useful insights into asset utilization, traffic flow, and safety as they increase fleet productivity, decrease fuel costs, and improve service delivery excellence.

One area where the IoT is having an impact is in faster delivery of goods through better asset management. Here are three examples of this at work."

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