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Implementing the Internet of Things in Logistics and Transportation

Charlie Key, the co-founder of Losant, an IoT platform solution, focuses his blog article on 5 key ways that the Internet of Things is transforming transportation.  From his blog post,

"In a world where an avid reader can order the latest hardcover bestseller from Amazon on Tuesday and crack the book's spine on Wednesday, it's hard to believe that the transportation and logistics industries have room for improvement. However, the Internet of Things (IoT) offers the opportunity to gather tremendous amounts of data. More importantly the ability to apply that data for better security, faster shipping, enhanced supply chain management, and improved processes.

In logistics and transportation, the Internet of Things (and, more specifically, the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT) can create machine to machine connections that enable vehicles, packages, containers, loading equipment, and other devices and assets to communicate with one another throughout the supply chain. Human beings don't have to manually log information when smart devices can trap that data automatically. So how will tomorrow's thought leaders implement the IoT in logistics and transportation?"

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